BIBA and Beyond at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

BIBA and Beyond at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Biba and Beyond

Biba transformed the style of a generation and the world of fashion. Brighton Museum€™s major new exhibition is an outstanding opportunity for the museum to break all its records for attendance. sam-culture€™s market development support includes business cultivation events and sector-specific marketing campaigns.  

Client: Brighton Museum & Art Gallery


Key Performance Indicators: Winchester Cathedral

Winchester Cathedral is essentially a place of worship but it is also a major player in the city€™s economic, cultural and social life and a major heritage asset. Constructing a set of key performance indicators enables the organisation to assess its effectiveness and measure its progress; identify potential benchmarks and define best options for audience development.

Our innovative market segmentation defines user requirements by sacred and secular needs.                                                                                 

Client: Winchester Cathedral

Heritage Alliance:  Discover Explore

Heritage Alliance: Discover Explore

Discover Explore is an innovative online and offline exploration, providing access to new technological resources for heritage sites to engage audiences in imaginative ways and add value to their existing activities. Our evaluation of the impacts of the pilot phases in The Great Glen and Lee Valley and testing user response provided evidence of need to inform Heritage Alliance€™s HLF bid.

Client: The Heritage Alliance

MK Summer of Culture

MK Summer of Culture

Economic Impact of culture in Milton Keynes

Assessing the economic, cultural and community impacts of a collaborative partnership between Milton Keynes Council and its cultural sector, the study quantified the value of MK Summer of Culture to the city and to stakeholders. 

This wide ranging impact study also analysed audience engagement and perceptions, supported by evidence and data to inform future joint working.

Part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

In association with Ian Parkes; SOA Development    

Client: Milton Keynes Council  

Hampshire Welcomes the World

Hampshire Welcomes the World

This project brought young people into contact with music from different cultures through a programme, inspired by the spirit of London 2012, which made innovative use of local heritage sites. Our evaluation assessed the impacts of participation and performance on audiences, young people and schools. Part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

In association with Mel Larsen.

Client: Hampshire County Council

Digitalize Late - a collaboration in interactive digial art

Digitalize Late - a collaboration in interactive digial art

Digitalize Late was an opportunity to experience Brighton Museum after hours.  The event followed a week long residency by digital artists SDNA and included live music and DJ's. 

sam-culture worked on attracting new audiences with an interest in digital arts to the museum.