Jerwood Arts:  Evaluation of Live Work Fund and Development Programme Fund

Jerwood Arts: Evaluation of Live Work Fund and Development Programme Fund

‘The money is important – but more so is the gift of time to pause and think, time the award makes possible.’

Jerwood Arts provides transformative opportunities for artists and arts organisations through producing and funding socially engaged projects.   Both programmes evaluated sought, in different ways, to enable artists to focus on the development of their practice.  By providing funding for outstanding artists at the start of their career, can this support make the greatest difference?   Our evaluation was also seen as a proactive resource for organisational development at Jerwood Arts, to inform future planning of investment programmes.

The Living Coast;  BioCultural Heritage Tourism

The Living Coast; BioCultural Heritage Tourism

‘The challenge is to encourage people to enjoy and understand The Living Coast, so they feel more respect and ownership for it, while protecting its more sensitive assets.’

Commissioned by Brighton & Hove City Council and funded by Interreg, The Living Coast is part of a three-year project bringing together four English and French UNESCO Biosphere Regions.  Do high visitor numbers present negative impacts on the environments of popular destinations?

The five projects in Brighton & Hove were Homeward Bound Festival, Brighton Museum Archaeology Gallery display and the commissioning of six short films, The Living Coast by Bike and improved signage and interpretation at Stanmer Park.

Synergi Collaborative Centre

Synergi Collaborative Centre

'Pam and the team have produced an extremely deep and insightful report of the work of Synergi, including the ways of working, what is valued, what works and how and then challenges for the future including the narratives and counter-narratives that emerge when working on ethno-racial disparities.  There is much learning there and a good account of the various elements of the work.  Professor Kamaldeep Bhui, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Oxford. 

The Synergi Collaborative Centre is a five-year initiative to reframe, rethink and transform the realities of ethnic inequalities in severe mental illness and multiple disadvantage.   Funders Lankelly Chase commissioned Mel Larsen working with Pam Jarvis and Samina Zahir to research Stakeholder insights and commitment.  What do they think of Synergi, what has worked well and what might the legacy look like?

‘An ambitious and exciting programme of work focussing on the intersection of racial justice and mental health.’ 

England's Performing Arts Showcase

England's Performing Arts Showcase

Horizon:  England Live Performance Showcase Connect to Recover: Reimagining our place in the world.

'We wanted to help people making live performance build new, sustainable, long-term international collaborations.'

Commissioned by Arts Council England and led by Battersea Arts Centre this showcase will develop and internationalise England based artists, creating deeper exchange with international partners, underpinned by 4 key values: Curation, Care, Community, Celebration.

Dr Samina Zahir and Pam Jarvis (sam-culture) will be evaluating England Live thoughout, capturing the impacts and outcomes for artists, audiences and the wider cultural sector.  More at

National Trust: Sheffield Park

National Trust: Sheffield Park

NT Sheffield Park Ouse Project:    National Trust Sheffield Park in West Sussex began a major restoration, funded by the NLHF, in 2018 and appointed evaluators Pam Jarvis and Anna Cullum. Covid-19 delayed the project, which is now nearing completion. The project aims to encourage people to learn about the site's heritage, learn new skills and get involved with the restoration and ecological and archaeological monitoring.  Current and new visitors are now enjoying the opportunity to better understand the heritage and engage with this natural space.

Refurbishment of Houghton Hall Park, Bedfordshire

Refurbishment of Houghton Hall Park, Bedfordshire

Renaissance and Renewal:    Houghton Hall Park, located in an urban community in Bedfordshire is undergoing regeneration to celebrate its heritage and improve facilities.  Restoration of the gardens is a particular highlight of this NLHF initiative.  sam-culture's evaluation, with Anna Cullum, will focus on the heritage-based activity and volunteer programme which features innovative approaches to engage hard- to- reach communities.