Brighton Dome - a study of the audience

Client : Brighton Dome and Festival Ltd

Who is the audience for Brighton Dome? How can we apply the knowledge we gain about current attenders to expand the audience of Brighton Dome in the future?

This study of the Brighton Dome audience by art form, between October 2005 and January 2006 was undertaken during the same period in which Brighton Dome€™s Head of Marketing reviewed the marketing approach and developed an audience-building strategy.  The objective of the study was to build the Dome€™s knowledge-base of its audience, and to focus on the specific art forms which were central components of its artistic programme. The study provided data which informed Brighton Dome€™s marketing approach and practice.

A range of art forms and events were reviewed, through surveys with 800 attenders.


Summer Festival05 - report on audience location and profile

Client : Chichester Festival Theatre

This report was commissioned to provide evidence about the audience for the Festival Season in order to assess the organisation€™s progress in meeting their 2005 objectives. Achievements of specific marketing objectives were tested through analysis of the patron database.  Key areas of exploration included measuring geographic and market penetration; if audience composition had developed; whether frequency had increased; and recognition of which marketing and growth strategies were proving to be most successful.


Attitudes to the Brighton Dome Brochure €“ a user study

Client : Brighton Dome and Festival Ltd

The Dome€™s bi-monthly brochure is a major element in the Brighton Dome€™s marketing mix €“ accounting for a substantial part of the marketing budget and through the bi-monthly production run, for a large part of staff time in origination and production, alongside costs in distribution and direct mail.

sam undertook a user consultation to test whether:

  • the brochure is an effective communication tool
  • it is attractive and an incentive to book
  • it tells the reader what they need to know
  • they can navigate the information
  • they would respond to changing from a bi-monthly to a four monthly time span for the Brighton Dome brochure

Writes of Passage

Client : Asham Literary Endowment Trust

The first research programme of its kind - investigating the writing habits of young people across East Sussex. Commissioned by the Asham Literary Endowment Trust, one of the UK's foremost literary foundations and the UK's only dedicated short story festival, Writes of Passage created a comprehensive body of data on a range of literacy issues: from gender difference and international variance to peer group influence and the effects of text messaging and e-mailing on young writing.

€˜Writes of Passage is a professional piece of work, which shows considerable knowledge and insight into the minds of young people.€™ Carole Buchan,Director Asham Literary Endowment Trust.


Brighton & Hove Cultural Asset Audit

Client : Brighton & Hove City Council

This audit comprised 1,452 cultural facilities, venues, organisations and activities that helped to shape Brighton & Hove€™s vibrant, diverse and expanding arts and cultural scene. Viewed as a snapshot at a point in time, the audit provided a clear and robust illustration of the City€™s rich cultural provision.


Poems and Puddings €“ viability study

Client : West Sussex Arts Partnership

sam investigated a variety of different festival models for the delivery of a literature event in West Sussex.  These included themes and content; potential locations; costs and benefits; sustainability and legacy.  The aim of this festival was to position West Sussex as a lively cultural destination and to attract visitors from outside the County; create high quality events; raise awareness of cultural activity, and the local arts and heritage offer, with residents and local communities; and to provide a range of opportunities for participation and community involvement.

Poems and Puddings became in 2007 a large scale rural literature programme using new writing and the written, spoken and sung word to draw on the themes of literature, landscape, heritage and food.


Research into reasons for non-attendance at Worthing Theatres

Client: Worthing Theatre Group

This research was undertaken as a pilot study to look at how non-attenders of the Worthing Theatres perceived them. It concentrated on how the perceptions of core audience socio-economic groups compared to those groups who were seldom users of the theatres.


The Audience for Worthing Theatres

Client : Worthing Theatre Group

Worthing Theatres commissioned this research and audience profile in order to develop the information base to support marketing strategy and delivery.  Analysis of the patron database provided:

  • definition of the actual catchment area of the Worthing Theatres.
  • profiling of the full database, to segment the database by lifestyle
  • more detailed information on the audiences for specific art forms - catchment area maps and profiles.

BrightonFestival €“ Everyone Benefits

Client: Brighton & Hove City Council, ACE, SE & Brighton Festival Society

Brighton Festival is the largest multi-arts festival in England. In 2004 sam was commissioned by to undertake the first ever extensive evaluation of the Festival's economic and cultural impact. The facts speak for themselves €“ £20 million added to the City's economy in 2004 (a return of over 17 times the initial public sector investment); £1 million of press coverage generated; over 430,000 attendances at 1,200 performances and events. This study established the benchmark against which the growth of all future Festivals can be monitored, as the organisation plans for the future.

€˜Invaluable research for Brighton Festival which has made a real impact through its wide and immediate application.€™
Nick Dodds, Chief Executive, Brighton Festival Society

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Research into the Audience for Classical Music for the Brighton Dome and Festival

Client: Brighton & Hove City Council, ACE,SE, Brighton Festival Society

This study examined how 5 distinct audience types responded to a series of different issues.

We looked at booking behaviour; the impact of different pricing structures upon perceptions and attendance frequency; response to the newly renovated building and facilities; and how certain groups preferred to be communicated with; and what benefits they valued above others.

This study was used to inform the following two-year marketing plan and audience development strategy.


The Current Audience for The Capitol, Horsham - initial scoping

Client : Horsham District Council

Patron database mapping and catchment area modelling designed to inform redevelopment of The Capitol.

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